"We offer Carpet Cleaning Services around Bedfordshire"

Carpet cleaning is a great way to lift the life of your old carpets, when they are stained dull and looking a bit tired cleaning them will bring them back to life, brighten them up and remove the stains. Carpet cleaning doesn’t just clean the stains away it also sanitises them using the detergents and cleaning products that we provide. This service is reasonably useful in the care and nursing homes around which helps prevent cross infection by sanitising the carpets and upholstery and getting them looking and smelling fresh again.

Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning is advised in these types of environments. Carpet and upholstery cleaning isn’t just for these types of environments it is for all types,
for example: -

• Offices, to keep the working environment clean and fresh and to get the full potential out of your office type carpets.

• Home, to keep your home fresh and clean especially when young children are present and is you have pets it also keeps everything sanitised.

• Upholstery, this type of cleaning will save you money in the long run so you don’t have to replace your sofas, chairs etc. When they get stained, or if you have a spillage and pets jump up with muddy paws. The products that superstores sell don’t remove your stains on these fabrics they will just even them out and blend the stains, therefore your upholstery still has the dirt and germs disguised in the fabrics. Our upholstery cleaning extracts the dirt and germs to keep you sitting on a fresh and clean sofa. The main benefits from carpet and upholstery cleaning are pretty obvious. You don’t have to spend out anywhere near as much money on replacing your carpets. Also if you are working in a very busy environment its will take a matter of hours to cleaning an entire office floor opposed to days ripping it up and replacing it, in which the same goes for nursing and care homes. In the domestic sector the benefits are pretty much the same a whole house deep clean will only take up to two hours opposed to a whole day having the carpets and flooring replaced. We leave no mess we keep the property smelling fresh with the deodorisers we provide.

Our reputation is your guarantee.

Our carpet cleaning can help with the following stains:
• Blood / Body Fluid Removal
• Mud
• Make up
• Oil
• Blue tac / chewing gum
• Tea stains
• Coffee stains
• Pet oils
• Dullness
• Alcohol
• Candle wax
• Chocolate
• Cough syrup
• Crayons
• Egg
• Fruit juice
• Glue (water based)
• Grass
• Gravy
• Grease
• Ice Cream
• Ink (ball point)
• Jam
• Ketchup
• Lipstick
• Milk
• Mustard
• Paint (water based)
• Rust
• Shoe Polish
• Toothpaste
• Urine
• Vomit

We Also Provide a car upholstery cleaning service. We have had a lot of success with this particular service. A lot of people are driving along when they hear “Mummy Daddy, I’ve spilled my juice and the chocolate has melted into the seat.” For someone who has a car that they tend to take good care of this can be a small night mare. But when you children are consistent with telling you they want sweets and juice, when you are on a long drive we all do the same. “here you go kids.” But now there is no need to worry as we can get your car seats carpets and car matts back to factory clean subject to the obvious wear and tear but even then it will look as fresh as the new upholstery in a new car. Prices of carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Whole 2 bedroom house £170 Whole 3 bedroom house £200 Lounge (standard room size 12ft x 12ft) £50 Hall, stairs & landing £70 Dining Room £40 Bedrooms £40 Single Chair Fabrics Only £30 2 seater £ £45 3 seater £60 Coner sofa £80 Dining chair £10 each Foot stool £15 each Car upholstery £45 per car this includes seats front and back carpets, mats, door cards Estate per car £50 this includes seats front and back carpets, mats, door cards 7 seaters per car £70 seats front and back carpets, mats, door cards Carpets there are so many different ranges of carpets. There are cut and loops piles, woven, cord, twists, action backed, felt backed, polypropylene (man-made fibres), wool, 80% wool 20% polypropylene the list really dos go on.

All carpets are different some last longer than others and some don’t. some are easy to clean (Polypropylene) and some aren’t (wool). People think that having a top of the range carpet is the most important thing to have in your home which some may say not. You can go for a mid-range heavy domestic type carpet that will last you at least 15 years or if you look after it regularly maybe even longer. An underlay is what helps the carpet once it is fitted. You can go for a bog standard carpet and go for a top underlay and get a luxury feel under foot still. But obviously if you want the carpet to last a whole most carpet retailers will recommend a mid-range with the top underlay. Vinyl is another type of flooring we deal with you get a few different choices with this type of floor covering too. There are vinyls on the market now that compete with hospital grade nonslip flooring. Those vinyls are r10 rated slip resistant floorings.

They are hard wearing easy to keep clean and still manage to look the part. Vinyls are also in tile form which is called LVT (luxury vinyl tile) this type of floor covering is extremely hard wearing and looks the part. It can come in many different styles like stone tile effects, wood effects, slate and much more. We say extremely hard wearing as we came across a job that hard everything replaced inside flooring, wall paper paint furniture the lot. All of this was due to water damage which flooded the house for two weeks whilst the customer was on holiday. The only floor covering that survived a foot of water sat on top of it for a week was the LVT. To our amazement this is still going strong to this very day. Carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are a great floor covering to have in heavy work environments like offices. The tiles if damaged can easily be taken up and replaced one by one. They are very hard wearing and can with stand a major high traffic area. They also clean up brilliantly. They come in different varieties like, cord, twist and loop.

The most popular type of carpet tile is the cord as it can with stand more traffic than the others. Carpets fitted. Carpets are a great way to brighten up your home. With our fitters you get a top service provided and a friendly helpful one at that. We keep the areas tidy hoover up after ourselves and if requested we can take the rubbish away but this will incur an extra charge. Our service provides a free quote friendly service and a professional job well done at the end, you won’t be disappointed with the service provided by us. We will do our best to work around your schedule and see when fits better to measure up and get you walking on a luxury floor fitted and supplied by ourselves. We do also offer a fitting only service on request.