"One of Bedfordshire's Leading Carpet Fitting Companies"
Carpet fitting has been our specialism for over 10 years, and as such, we make sure you get the best quality of carpet and fitting for the best price. Our fitters can fit carpets and flooring anywhere in the home or commercial property, from hall, stairs and landings tooffice blocks, apartments, care homes, hospitals & much more.

We can supply new carpet grippers to ensure your carpet appears smooth and even throughout the home, all our fitters test installations to ensure they will last and to ensure you get the best service & job possible.

RCH have built up a reputation throughout the carpet fitting industry, with fitters all over Herts, Beds and Bucks (also covering areas in London).

Our carpet fitting services can be tailored around your every need, wether you want carpets supplied and fitted, or if you already have carpets we offer a simple fitting service. We will advise you every step of the way with your carpets including aftercare, cleaning your carpet and advice for spillages and stains.

I don't have a carpet but I'd like to see what you can supply
We can supply and fit carpets, but if your stuck and do not know which type of carpet you would like to go for, we can provide samples and give you a consultation on carpet suitability. There's lots to know about carpets, such as the difference between hardwearing carpets, cheap carpets, low traffic carpets and more, combine this with colours and patterns and you get the picture.

A member of our team can pop over to see you, bringing along samples of the different carpets and flooring which we can supply, our rates are far more cost effective than that of known major retailers thanks to lower overheads.

Interested? fill out our call back request to the left, or call us on 07920016819. (We use mobiles as we are always on the move)

I have a carpet and I'd just like fitting please
If you already have carpet/flooring ready, we can provide a fitter to come and fit your flooring. Our fitters are fast, friendly and cost effective and will even help move furniture should you require it. Our fitters also provide after care packets, services and advice.

Interested? fill out our call back request to the left, or call us on 07920016819. (We use mobiles as we are always on the move)

I have another type of flooring that i'd like supplied and/or fitted
If you would like another type of flooring such as real wood, engineered wood, laminate or vinyl/tiles we can also supply and fit, just give us a call to see how we can help.

What areas do you cover?
We offer carpet/floor supply and fitting along with cleaning services in the following areas:

I'd just like carpet cleaning on it's own

Carpet cleaning is a specialist skill, and as such, requires the right attention in order to help restore the carpets natural look and feel. Some carpets are non repairable depending on how traffic has affected the carpets fibres. Generally, carpet cleaning will restore the carpet and will help the fabric regain its original composure.

Over 80% of carpets we clean are restored to almost new, appearing fresh, clean and scent free with the removal of grime, stains and worn fabric.

Read about our Carpet Cleaning services