"We supply and fit floor tiles for residential & commercial property"

RCH Carpets can supply and fit floor tiles for houses, bungalows, flats, maisonettes, apartments, cottages, manor houses, mansions, clubs, buildings, offices, factories and pretty much in any dwelling be it residential or commercial.

Floor tiles are a cheap flooring option that also carry the benefit of being very cheap, low maintenance and easy to replace. The only downside to floor tiles is that they do not give off a premium look or feel. Many floor tiles are flat in colour, some may come with very light patterns or styling. Floor tiles are short pile meaning that they are good in high traffic areas.

We fit floor tiles from as little as £0.50 per tile (depending on the location and requirements). We can also supply floor tiles for all sorts of premises. We typically provide tiles for homes and small offices. We can also carry out tile repairs and replacements should any be damaged after use.

Floor tiles are most common in office applications as opposed to traditional carpets which are much higher in maintenance.
If you are looking for Bedfordshire Floor Tile Fitters, Hertfordshire Floor Tile Fitters or Buckinghamshire Floor Tile Fitters then look no further then RCH Carpets.

The installation / fitting procedure is also very quick for this type of flooring. We have to ensure that the ground the tiles are being installed on is free from any previous adhesives / fittings. If you would like a free estimate / quotation for the fitting of floor tiles then why not give us a call on 07920016819.