"Read our flooring policy below"

RCH Carpets operates a strict flooring policy to ensure quality, satisfaction and reliability. RCH Carpets ensures that all fitting work carried out is done to the highest possible standards.

We have quality control guidelines which mean that we first assess any job prior to carrying out any work to ensure that the working conditions and surfaces won't present any issues or hazards to our fitters, we also survey flooring areas and conditions prior to carrying out any work. Flooring surveys protect us against the installation of flooring which could fail prematurely due to unsuitable flooring surfaces.

If for any reason a customer is unhappy or "dissatisfied" with the work caried out then RCH Carpets will always aim to put the problem right, this could involve rectifying the flooring or offering partial / full refunds depending on the circumstances. We will always check for wilful damage to flooring in the attempt of securing a refund of which the customer would not otherwise be entitled to.

RCH Carpets will not tolerate any staff abuse or misconduct, if for any reason the staff feel that the treatment they receive is unfair or abusive they will terminate any further work.

RCH Carpets will always strive to deliver the best quality flooring, the best quality fitting at the right price, we don't take shortcuts, we work for quality! if you are unhappy with any of the fitting or supply aspects of RCH Carpets then please call us to discuss.