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Laminate Wood

Laminate wood is an Mdf sheet with a photo printed and pressed on the top of it.For installation it is important that a professional carries out the task for a perfect and professional finish. It is important to remember that a laminate wood floor covering is actually a floating floor and not a fixed floor. This allows for the floor covering to have movement during when expansion and shrinkage occur. It is also good to remember that laminate being a wooden based floor is not recommended to be installed where there is excessive moisture or damp in the required area as this will cause the floor covering to be compromised. We supply and fit a variety of laminate woods and are very experienced in the installation of this field. Laminate can also be fitted neatly if you were to have your skirtings removed so you wouldn’t have to have scotia around the edge of the room and against the skirtings. The reason for this is because there has to be a certain gap left around the edge to allow for expansion and shrinkage this is to cover that and make it look as neat and professional as possible. Where it may not be possible or ideal for you to remove the skirtings the gap can still be covered over with scotia around the edge, this still looks professional and is still a practical way of installation.

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